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Do you want to spice up your shisha session? Throw a little of this bad boy in your base and watch your water turn into an electric storm. These beautiful sparkle powders from Xschischa will take your hookah experience to another dimension

• Half a teaspoon of the X-Sparkles is usually quite sufficient, because Xschischa is very economical. (Too much added will deposit it at the bottom of the bowl.)

• The Xschischa Neon Glow is a fluorescent color that releases its effect in so-called black light (UV light, UV-A).

• For our sparkles to 'dance' it is important that you mix the powder with the water. We recommend swinging the punch vigorously.

• For a long-lasting effect, it is recommended to smoke without a diffuser. Because this reduces the resistance of the water and thus generates less vibration.

• It can happen that our Sparkles settle on the bottom of the bowl. Instead of pulling, we recommend blowing, so that the sparkles are free again in the water. (depending on bow shape and not too strong)

• Xschischa is food safe and free of any harmful substances.

• After using Xschischa, we recommend cleaning with a small amount of detergent or, if necessary, a cleaning brush.

PLEASE NOTE: Packaging is in all white original xschischa tubs.

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