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MattPear Kolodka (HMD)

Kolodka - Heat Management Device from MattPear.


  • Technological design
  • A unique system of directing heat flows from coal
  • Works with standard shisha bowls
  • Ebonite lid* 

* Ebonite lid handle. It is a hard material with low thermal conductivity. The handle does not overheat and does not burn your fingers.

Recommendations for use.

  • The entire surface area of ​​the bottom of the device must be in close contact with shisha flavour
  • We recommend using this with a very shallow bowl to get the best session
  • Kolodka was created so that you are not afraid to score on touch! The entire underside of the pad should be in close contact with the tobacco or tobacco-free mixture
  • If the tobacco or mixture is burnt, you can soak the pad in hot water for 1 hour, then easily clean the bottom surface
  • Do not leave the device in water for more than 2 hours, this can lead to oxidation of the duralumin pad
  • After washing the device, it is better to wipe it dry.

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