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Shisha Fruit Bowl With Amazing Hookah Flavors

, by James Robertson, 6 min reading time

A spectacular look for your Shisha pipe

How to make a fruit head for your hookah pipe

The shisha pipes we sell at The Premium Way are all beautiful, functional works of art. When we have guests at a shisha session the hookah is literally the centerpiece and will be sure to come up in conversation. For this reason It´s always important to have a clean, beautiful water pipe to impress and delight your guests. For an extra flourish that is bound to spark a conversation and even add flavour and fun to your smoking session, why not make a fruit head for your hookah pipe?

Why would I make a fruit bowl for my shisha?

Using a fruit head as the bowl for your shisha coals can add a touch of flavor to the smoke. The heat from the coals evaporates the juice and combusts the sugars found in the fruit, sending them down through the pipe and into your mouth. As you take in the smoke you will taste this trace of the fruit as you draw in the flavours from the shisha hose. 

A fruit head will really dress up your hookah pipe making it the center of attention. It will add bright, cheerful colours and an interesting shape especially if you choose a colourful fruit and carve it with an elaborate pattern. 

With the right tools and a good workspace, making the fruit bowl for your shisha pipe will be fun and it will get your creative (and fruit) juices flowing. It could be a fun thing to do with friends before you start your smoking session.

Is it hard to make a fruit bowl for a hookah pipe?

It’s really not difficult to make a fruit bowl for your shisha. It will take a little time and care to prepare and you will make a bit of a mess so you will want to make preparations in advance. 

You will need some basic tools you should be able to find around the house.

The dampness of the fruit will make it harder to achieve the proper temperature in the bowl.

The most difficult part of the process will be engineering the connection from the pipe to the hookah fruit bowl effectively enough to achieve an airtight seal. 

If you smoke your hookah using a fruit bowl, there will be a residual taste in the hose afterwards. We would advise that you use our affordable, disposable hoses when you smoke because cleaning the hoses is difficult. It’s much easier just to replace the used hose with a fresh one.

What do I need to make a fruit bowl for a shisha pipe?

  • A firm piece of fruit such as an apple or pineapple
  • A sharp knife and a teaspoon for carving the bowl. An apple corer is a handy tool. 
  • A needle or pin for piercing the tin foil
  • A good workspace and a cutting board
  • Kitchen roll for drying the bowl and fashioning a seal
  • Tin foil and/or toothpicks to form a screen to keep the tobacco from falling through into the pipe

How to make a Shisha Fruit Bowl?

It’s tempting to start with a spectacular fruit such as a pineapple but they are difficult to cut and hard to pierce with your shisha stem. If this is your first attempt it might be better to start with an apple. The flesh is firm and relatively dry but it is easy to cut and hollow out. 

  1. Remove the core of the apple. An apple corer is obviously a great tool for this but you can do it with a knife.
  2. Cut the top off the apple. 
  3. Scoop out the flesh. Score some lines in the flesh of the apple with your knife, then scoop everything out with a spoon. It will be easier if you leave a good margin to form the wall. If you leave the walls too thin you will be unable to grip the apple firmly without breaking your creation. 
  4. Use your kitchen roll to dry the inside of the bowl. 
  5. Rig a makeshift screen over the hole in the base of your fruit bowl. Perforated tin foil should work well enough. If you use a needle to make many small holes you can always enlarge them slightly if the draw is not smooth enough. Otherwise several toothpicks could be used to create a frame over the hole.
  6. Stick the fruit bowl on top of the hookah stem.  The trickiest part of the job is making sure you get a nice tight seal between the stem and the apple. It may take some experimentation to get this part right. When adjusting the hole size in the apple remember that it is always much easier to make a hole bigger than it is to make it smaller!
  7. Pack the fruit bowl with tobacco and enjoy!

Be creative

There are plenty of types of fruit that can be used to make a fruit combustion bowl for your hookah pipe. If you are going to use a wetter fruit such as an orange to make a fruit bowl then you could use more tinfoil to line the bowl entirely and prevent the tobacco from becoming too damp. 

Even a humble potato can be used very effectively because of the nature of its flesh but it is decidedly less glamorous than an elaborately carved pineapple. Lemon or lime is a great flavor to add and the distinctive colors look great. 

You will have problems using any fruit with a stone in the middle such as peaches or mangoes. 

Use a complementary flavor tobacco to go with the flavor of the fruit you have chosen. Serve drinks along the same theme and even try filling the hookah pipe with fruit juice.

Carve patterns into the skin of the fruit or carefully cut a zig-zag edge around the bowl for an attractive effect.

Even a pumpkin could be carved out in the manner of a Jack ‘o’ Lantern for a Halloween themed session.

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