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Werkbund Hookah Egoist Stone Bowl

About this product:

The Werkbund Hookah Egoist Bowl is made of clay by hand. The egoist, as the name suggests, was specially designed to be able to smoke perfectly on your own. Especially the small flavour contains of 5-6 grams ensures that you save pleasant flavour and can still smoke comfortably for 60-90 minutes without losing taste. 
The materials and shape help ensure that the head has a perfect heat distribution. The design and the beautiful colours of the glazes are a real feast for the eyes. Each individual Werkbund product is handmade and is therefore unique. As a result, the shape and colour of the head may differ from the illustration.



  • Diameter: approx.4.5cm

  • Height: about 10cm

  • Depth: approx.1.5cm

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