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320° Ready-to-Use Hookah Foil: Pre-Cut for Premium, Heavy-Duty Shisha Sessions

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Open & Enjoy - 320° Premium Hookah Foil: Pre-Cut Precision for Peak Shisha Pleasure Pre-Cut Perfection: No more scissors, just... Read more


  • Perfect Fit
  • Durable Quality
  • Consistent Heat


    Open & Enjoy - 320° Premium Hookah Foil: Pre-Cut Precision for Peak Shisha Pleasure

    • Pre-Cut Perfection: No more scissors, just pick and place for instant setup.
    • Heavy-Duty Build: Thick aluminum foil ensures durability and perfect heat control.
    • Universal Compatibility: Fits any shisha bowl, making your sessions universally smooth.
    • Bulk Convenience: A generous pack of 50 sheets keeps the good times rolling.
    • Even Heat Distribution: Enjoy consistent sessions with optimal temperature management.

    Discover the effortless art of the perfect shisha session with 320° Premium Hookah Foil Sheets. Each pack delivers 50 pre-cut, heavy-duty aluminum sheets that redefine convenience and quality for hookah enthusiasts. These sheets are precision-engineered for any bowl size, ensuring a snug fit and ideal heat distribution that elevates your smoking experience.

    Our heavy-duty foil is more than just a barrier; it's a gateway to a richer, fuller smoke. Its robust thickness ensures longevity, so your focus remains on the flavors and friends, not on the foil. The high-quality material guarantees an even burn, providing you with a consistent and reliable session every time.

    Wave goodbye to the tedium of trimming and shaping. Our pre-cut sheets are ready when you are, making setup a breeze. And when paired with our top-tier charcoals and diverse flavour collection, your hookah sessions become a signature experience of The Premium Way.

    Community and inclusivity are at the heart of our brand. That's why we've made our foils universally compatible and straightforward, welcoming all levels of hookah lovers to enjoy the 320° difference. Don't just take our word for it—our vibrant customer reviews reflect the shared enthusiasm for this game-changing product.

    Our commitment to safety and quality is uncompromised, adhering to stringent standards for a pure smoking pleasure. Embrace a product that not only respects your well-being but also respects the environment, advocating for responsible disposal and recyclability.

    Get ready to transform your shisha ritual with 320° Premium Hookah Foil Sheets—where each detail is crafted, so you can just relax and enjoy the moment.

    Sleek 320° Premium Aluminium Foil Sheets Box Displayed in a Stylish Banner
    Elegant 320° Brand Banner Showcasing Premium Coconut Coal and Accessories
    50 Sheets Per Pack! 320° Premium Hookah Foil for Quality Shisha Sessions
    Each pack of 320° Premium Hookah Foil comes with an integrated foil cutter for your convenience, containing 50 ready-to-use sheets. These pre-cut, heavy-duty aluminum foils are perfect for crafting your ideal shisha session with ease and precision, every time.
    Display of 150x150mm 320° Premium Shisha Foil Sheets by The Premium Way

    Enhance your shisha ritual with 320° Hookah Foil Sheets, now in a versatile 6"x6" size. Perfectly cut for a range of bowl sizes, these square sheets allow you to wrap your setup snugly, ensuring a tight seal for superior smoke flow and flavor intensity. Unveil the full potential of your shisha with our foil sheets—designed for a premium experience.


    Unique Pizza Box-Style Packaging for Easy Use 320° Premium Hookah Foil by The Premium Way

    Dive into a hassle-free shisha session with 320° Hookah Foil Sheets, stylishly encased in a bespoke pizza box-style package. This clever design not only stands out but simplifies access, ensuring you’re always just a moment away from starting your premium smoking experience. With each sheet precisely measured, you have ample length for a perfect fit every time.

    40 Micron Thick Heavy-Duty Hookah Foil Feature of 320° Premium Brand by The Premium Way
    Experience the robustness of 320° Hookah Foil, meticulously crafted to be 40 microns thick. This extra heavy-duty quality ensures durability for your shisha, providing an optimal smoking session with just the right amount of heat and support. The Premium Way has you covered for a stronger, longer-lasting smoke.

    320° Premium Hookah Foil Highlighting Not Pre-Holed Feature for Customized Shisha Experience

    Tailor your shisha experience with 320° Hookah Foil—intentionally designed without pre-punched holes to respect the art of personal preference. Craft your ideal airflow and heat distribution for a truly customised session that's as unique as you are.


          • Material: High-grade aluminum
          • Thickness: Heavy-duty
          • Quantity: 50 sheets per pack
          • Dimensions: Cut to precisely fit standard shisha bowls
          • Weight: Light enough for effortless handling
          • Heat Mastery

            Harness the power of precision heat control. Our 320° Hookah Foil ensures your shisha is always at the perfect temperature for maximum flavor and enjoyment.

          • Rapid Prep

            From box to bowl in seconds. Our pre-cut foil sheets speed up your session prep, giving you more time to relax and indulge in your favorite flavors.

          • Lasting Sessions

            Quality that endures. Our heavy-duty foil sheets are designed to last longer, meaning more shisha sessions from each pack, without the worry of running out.

          • Universal Fit

            One size fits all. The 320° Hookah Foil is crafted to fit any bowl, ensuring a perfect seal and heat distribution, regardless of your shisha bowl size.

          Icon for delivery_box_1What's Included

          50 x 320° Pre-Cut Heavy-Duty Hookah Foil Sheets: Your ticket to hassle-free, premium shisha sessions.

          Icon for speech_bubblesInstructions
          • Open: Gently tear the seal and lift the lid of your 320° Premium Hookah Foil pack.
          • Select: Choose one pre-cut foil sheet from the stack.
          • Place: Lay the sheet over your shisha bowl evenly.
          • Puncture: Using a toothpick or foil poker, create holes for airflow.
          • Enjoy: Light your charcoal, place it on top, and commence a premium smoking session.
          Icon for secureMaintanance
          • Dry Storage: Keep your foil sheets in a dry place away from moisture to prevent damage.
          • Gentle Handling: Pick up sheets by the edges to maintain shape and effectiveness.
          • Eco-Friendly: Recycle your used foil sheets to contribute to environmental care.

          Premium Packaging Promise

          Secure Delivery, Every Time. We Use:

          • Thick, Durable Boxes
          • Bubble Wrap & Packing Peanuts
          • Foam Cushioning
          • Eco-Friendly Materials


            All orders are packed securely to make sure you receive them as intended.

          • 14 DAYS RETURN

            14 DAYS RETURN

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