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VZ Hookah | Copper | Small

The VZ Hookah Copper Mini Shisha is a handmade pipe from the Russian manufacturer VZ Hookah. "Handmade in Russia" is the motto and you can see this immediately on the shisha. The design is in a rustic steampunk style and leaves many eyes open. The Copper Mini is the smaller version of the VZ Hookah Copper.

Base and material

The VZ Hookah Copper Mini essentially consists of copper, as already described in the name itself. It shines with a unique appearance, which is reflected in the complete appearance. All parts of the VZ Hookah Copper Mini are welded and therefore not removable. The base of the shisha has a unique bracket system, with which the base can be securely and 100% firmly attached to the bowl. This system is known among others from the mason jar industry and makes this Russian shisha something very special since this system does not appear again in the shisha scene. The smoke column, blow-out valve and hose connection are attached to the base on one side.

Smoke column and blow-out system

The smoke column is also in a steampunk design, which is reflected in the entire shisha again and again. In the upper part of the smoke column, you have a kind of copper spiral that serves as a hose holder at the lower end. But above all the blow-out valve on the shisha is very special and unique in our opinion! This can be compared to a steam locomotive since the small square plate moves around and the steam can escape with a push. This "smoke show" is a real feast for the eyes of every fan of special blow-out systems.

Charcoal plate and diffuser

The rectangular carbon plate is of course made of copper and has a very unique shape. A VZ logo was embossed on the side of the coal plate. The carbon plate is fused to the head adapter and is attached to the smoke column using an O-ring. The shisha diffuser is also attached to the dip tube with an O-ring and can therefore be omitted if you do not want the diffuser effect.

Technical specifications
  • Total height: approx.50cm
  • Bowl neck diameter: approx.4.5cm
  • Height glass: approx.27cm
  • Material: copper
  • Made in Russia
What's included: 

VZ Hookah Copper Mini Shisha
  • Glass Base
  • Charcoal plate
  • Head adapter
  • Hose adapter
  • Dip tube
  • removable diffuser
  • Silicone hose
  • Mouthpiece
  • Head gasket

All VZ designs have serial numbers engraved on one side of the tray.

Please note:
  • All VZ hookah models are hand-made so minor scratches and imperfections are expected.
  • All VZ hookah comes without the custom box.

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