MattPear Killer M (Molasses Catcher) 16x1

The MattPear Matt Killer Stainless Steel Molasses Catcher is made in Russia and built with high-quality Stainless Steel, giving it a solid build and making it built to last. 
This is the first generation of the Matt Killer MattPear produced.
This model is only compatible with MattPear Simple / Classic Hookahs available from our website. It simply screws onto your upper stem above the tray rather than the existing bowl port. It is really easy to clean. After your session, simply unscrew the whole device, unscrew the top half which will open the molasses catcher and run water through it until clean. Dry with a cloth.



  • Always keep your glass clean from molasses
  • The increased volume of the bowl, containing even more "escape" molasses.
  • Improved umbrella design to more reliably prevent juices from entering the stem.
  • Updated design to complement the look of any MattPear hookah.


Please note: Killer M with 16x1 thread is suitable for hookahs of  Classic M,  Simple M  and other hookahs with the same diameter and thread pitch.


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