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Shisha Disposable Hose Kit

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Shisha Disposable Hose Kit


Easy, Hygienic Shisha Sessions with Two Mouth Tips and Universal Fit Experience the Ultimate in Convenience with the Shisha Disposable... Read more Read more


    Easy, Hygienic Shisha Sessions with Two Mouth Tips and Universal Fit

    Experience the Ultimate in Convenience with the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit

    • Disposable Convenience: No cleaning required, simply use and dispose.
    • Universal Fit: Comes with a grommet to ensure compatibility with all shisha models.
    • Extended Length: 6-foot hose for easy reach and comfortable use.
    • Hygienic Design: Includes two mouth tips for personal or shared use.
    • Quality Construction: Durable plastic for a consistent and smooth draw.
    • Eco-Conscious: Designed for safe and environmentally friendly disposal.
    • Quick Setup: Ready to use out of the box for immediate enjoyment.

    Dive into a fuss-free shisha session with our Shisha Disposable Hose Kit. This set is a game-changer for shisha lovers who crave simplicity without sacrificing quality. Each hose is thoughtfully designed to be compatible with any shisha, ensuring you can jump right into relaxation mode wherever you are.

    Superior Craftsmanship

    Our disposable hoses are crafted with premium materials that ensure a smooth draw and rich taste every time. The 6-foot length offers comfort and ease of use, while the included grommet ensures a snug fit with any shisha model. With the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable and hygienic experience every session.

    User-Friendly Design

    Designed for simplicity, the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit eliminates the need for cleaning. Each hose comes ready to use, allowing you to enjoy your session without any setup hassle. Simply connect, smoke, and dispose. The durable plastic construction ensures a consistent draw, and the inclusion of two mouth tips enhances hygiene, making it ideal for both personal use and sharing.

    Enhance Your Experience

    Elevate your shisha moments with our range of complementary products. Pair your disposable hose with our premium shisha flavours and high-quality coals for an unmatched experience. These additional products are designed to work seamlessly with your hose kit, ensuring the best possible session every time.

    Lifestyle Connection

    When you light up with the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit, you're not just enjoying a shisha session; you're creating memories with friends and embracing a tradition that spans centuries. This kit blends seamlessly into your dynamic lifestyle, offering convenience and quality in one package. Enjoy the pure, unadulterated flavour with every draw and make every session special—The Premium Way.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is included in the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit? The kit includes one disposable shisha hose, two mouth tips, and one hose grommet, providing everything you need for a hygienic and convenient shisha session.

    2. How do I use the disposable shisha hose? Insert the grommet onto your shisha stem, connect the hose to the grommet, attach a mouth tip to the hose end, and enjoy your session. After use, simply discard the hose.

    3. Is the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit compatible with all shisha models? Yes, the kit includes a universal grommet that ensures a snug fit with all standard shisha models, making it versatile and easy to use.

    4. Can the disposable shisha hose be reused? No, the disposable shisha hose is designed for single use to ensure hygiene and convenience. After each session, it should be safely discarded.

    5. Are the materials used in the hose eco-friendly? Yes, the Shisha Disposable Hose Kit is made with eco-friendly materials designed for safe disposal, allowing you to enjoy your shisha sessions while respecting the environment.


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