CARSAR | Mouthpiece | Carbon Red


Caesar Shisha Mouthpiece Carbon Red - 40cm


About this product: 

This Shisha mouthpiece is made of high-quality materials and is well known in Germany. It is lightweight yet very durable.


  • Easy to use – you can use the aluminium mouthpiece in all standard shisha hoses.

  • Durable and robust – the carbon mouthpiece has durability and robustness. It is also durable.

  • Easy to clean – This mouthpiece is very easy to clean. All you have to do is keep it underwater! End result: pleasant and clean smoking.

  • The trend – Smoking from small 5 cm mouthpieces is history. The special design and length of the mouthpiece make your shisha look even better.

  • No effort – thanks to the lightweight, there is no effort when holding the mouthpiece. You can smoke without the fatigue in the arm

Please note: This does not come with a hose or hose adapter

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