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Blade Hookah | Molasses Catcher |

Black LE


Premium Molasses Catcher by Blade Hookah.  A must-have addition to your hookah accessory collection.

A molasses catcher prevents syrup, flavour and leaf fragments from entering into the stem, and further into the base and water keeping all 3 clean.  When using a molasses catcher you may notice some restrictions in your draw. However, this is also controllable by your bowl pack, foiling, holes poked and whether using a HMD.

The Blade Hookah Molasses Catcher is universal, this means you can use it on any hookah of your choice.  

The Blade Hookah Molasses Catcher is really easy to use.  Simply place it on top of your hookah bowl port grommet, put on a bowl grommet on top of the Molasses Catcher, and place your bowl on top firmly and enjoy your hookah session without syrup, flavour and leaf fragments entering into the stem/base.

Cleaning is also easy, simply unscrew the molasses catcher and run water through it until it is clean and leave to dry.

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