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The ARYF® Gloria is a high-quality stainless steel hookah with a timeless design.

The ARYF Shisha is particularly noticeable because of the butterfly charcoal plate. The three edges of the plate can be individually bent and represent the flapping of a butterfly's wings. All metal parts are made of high-quality V2A stainless steel. This makes them rust-free and durable. 

The crystal glass bowl is of high quality and rounds off the shisha in the truest sense of the word. Every glass - whether hand-cut decoration, diamond cut, matt colours with a frosted effect (no painting, but sandblasting) or just transparent - is an eye-catcher.

The closed chamber system at the base makes it possible to blow out all of the smoke from the bowl at once. The base/stem is connected to the bowl with a screw thread. Both the stem and the hose adapter have an 18/8 cut. This eliminates the need for grommets. The downstem has a screw-off diffuser. The diffuser enables the shisha to bubble silently.

The hookah is supplied as a complete set, i.e. a hose set, four stainless steel hose adapters with the associated four glass connections, a chimney hot screen set, charcoal tongs are included in the delivery. With your favourite tobacco and coal at hand, you can start smoking straight away!


  • Material bowl: crystal glass
  • Material metal parts: V2A stainless steel
  • All cut elements: 18/8 cut
  • Ashplate edges bendable
  • Downstem with unscrewable diffuser
  • Closed Chamber System
  • Thread: screw cap
  • Hose connections: 4



  • Height (without bowl): approx. 50 cm
  • Height with bowl and chimney attachment: approx. 64 cm
  • Plate diameter: approx. 24 cm
  • Bowl: approx. 24 cm

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