ALPACA | Mini Rook


Alpaca Bowls - USA Handmade Hookah Bowls - Mini Rook


One of the most popular bowls currently on our country is the Alpaca Mini Rook
This new Mini Rook bowl stands a 3 1/2" tall with a diameter of 2 1/2", and we categorize this bowl as a shisha saver because of the shallow interior.

You can enjoy countless session while using the only 8g - 15g of shisha, this bowl is designed to be used with hookah foil.

What's Rook?

The word "Rook" comes from the game of chess, and this particular object has a castle-style head similar to the spire of the Rook Bowl.

This bowl is designed to function as a standard phunnel, so all of the juice stays inside your bowl and not in your downstem. These bowls are manufactured in USA, with high quality American white clay and lead-free glaze.


The unique spire for this bowl wasn't added for the chess fans, it actually creates a phenomenal session. This 4-way air chamber allows the smoke to flow straight into the downstem, without the normal barrier of a standard phunnel spire.

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