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Alpaca Bowls - USA Handmade Hookah Bowls - The Egy


Alpaca is a titan of the industry, and a good example of what the industry standard should be, and for good reason. They make some of the best bowls, with some of the most practical designs on the market.

Based on the famous Egyptian style bowl, the Alpaca Egy is a new take on the classic design. Like most Egyptian style bowls, it has holes scattered throughout the bottom of the bowl. However, instead of having a flat bottom to the bowl, it has a dome-like spire, helping to decrease the amount of tobacco that the bowl holds. All in all, it’s not supremely different from an Egyptian bowl, it’s more of an homage to the classic bowl that brought hookah to where it’s at today. This bowl did find it’s way out of circulation for a while, however over the last month or so, Alpaca has started to bring it back. These bowls will come in one general size (being made from hand means that the bowls will differ slightly from bowl to bowl).


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