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Payment with Google Pay

What is Google Pay?

  • A secure and swift digital wallet option for transactions.
  • Enables quick checkouts online and in-store by storing card details.
  • Compatible with Android devices, tablets, and smartwatches.

How does Google Pay work?

  • Google Pay utilises NFC technology for contactless payments.
  • After adding your cards to the app, use your phone to pay securely.
  • No need to share your card details with the store.

Advantages of using Google Pay

  • Speed and convenience of transactions, especially for mobile users.
  • Enhanced security with encrypted payment information.
  • Track your purchases and maintain better financial control.

The Premium Way is a 100% GST-registered, compliant, and legal store in Australia that ships worldwide. Please note we do not accept Google Pay for any tobacco products, as we do not sell tobacco on this website.


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