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5 Important Hookah Accessories You Need To Know - The Premium Way

5 Important Hookah Accessories You Need To Know

, by Ameet Kumar, 7 min reading time

Hookah smokers need to be aware of different accessories that can enhance their smoking experience.

5 Important Hookah Accessories You Need To Know


1. Hookah Bowl:

Tuan Mini Killer War Of The Gods

What is a hookah bowl


Hookah bowls come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to hold the shisha tobacco while you smoke. The most common type of hookah bowl is the Phunnel, which is named after its funnel-like shape. This design helps to prevent the tobacco from coming into contact with the coals, which can produce harsh smoke. The Egy Bowl is another popular option, and it features a wide opening that makes it easy to pack with shisha tobacco. Hookah bowls also require hookah bowl grommets, which you can also find at The Premium Way for a tight bowl fit. Regardless of which type of hookah bowl you choose, make sure to use high-quality shisha tobacco for the best smoking experience.


One of the popular hookah bowls is the Tuan Mini Killer Bowl (pictured above). The Tuan Mini Killer Egy Style Bowl is handcrafted and expertly crafted in Turkey, cooked at high temperatures, giving excellent durability. Tuan Mini Killer is also compatible with foil or a heat management device such as AOT Provost 2.




2. Hookah Base:

OVO Neolux Hookah Base

hookah base or hookah vase is the lower bowl-like part of the hookah where water is placed. The base also has a stem that goes up into the vase. Most bases are made out of glass, ceramic, or metal. The word “hookah” actually comes from the Arabic word for “coconut,” which is believed to be one of the first materials used to make hookah bases. Nowadays, there are many different types and styles of hookah bases available on the market, so smokers can choose the one that best suits their needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern base, there’s sure to be a hookah base out there that’s perfect for you.


One of the popular bases are the OVO x Neolux bases. Neolux hookah bases are designed in Germany and are known for their high quality and durability. The OVO x Neolux hookah base is a collaboration between two of the most respected brands in the hookah industry and features a sleek, modern design. This hookah base is made out of durable borosilicate glass and comes in a variety of colors, so you


3. Hookah Hose:

Hookah Silicone Hose

hookah hose is a long, flexible tube that is used to draw smoke from a hookah pipe. The hose is typically made from silicone, plastic, or rubber, and it has a mouthpiece on one end and a hose port connector on the other. The connector is designed to fit snugly onto the stem of the hookah, and the mouthpiece allows the smoker to inhale the smoke without coming into contact with the hot coals. Hookah hoses vary in length, with some models being as short as 3 feet and others being more than 10 feet long. They also come in a variety of colors and designs, so smokers can choose a hose that suits their style.


Please note that, generally, these hoses do not come with a hose port or a mouthpiece, but at The Premium Way we stock all the accessories and parts you'll need for a complete setup.




4. Heat Management Device:

heat management device (HMD) is an essential component of hookah smoking. The purpose of an HMD is to regulate the amount of heat that reaches hookah tobacco, providing a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. There are many different types of HMDs available on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of HMD are:



Kaloud Lotus

Kaloud Lotus HMD


The Kaloud Lotus is a heat management device designed for use with hookah bowls. The Lotus sits on top of the bowl and provides a barrier between the bowl and the charcoal, helping to prevent heat damage to the shisha bowl. The Lotus also helps to produce a more efficient burn, resulting in less charcoal being used overall. In addition, the Lotus can be used to direct airflow and create different smoking experiences. For example, by closing off some of the air vents, users can create a thicker smoke. Overall, the Kaloud Lotus is an innovative way to manage heat and create different hookah smoking experiences. They also come in a stainless steel version and have a silicone grip for easy hold.


Apple On Top Provost

Apple on top AOT Provost 2

Apple on top Provost is a stainless steel heat management device designed for use with a hookah bowl with a foil, a small tray is placed over the coal and holes punched in it to allow air to reach the tobacco. This allows users to smoke for longer with less ash going inside the bowls and being a stainless steel device, this is sure to last a while. AOT Provost also has a silicone handle for the lid & tray to prevent you from touching the hot metal.


These HMD's can be used with the traditional clay bowls or modern stone bowls. Regardless of the type of HMD you use, it is important to make sure that it is clean and in good condition before each use. With proper care and maintenance, your HMD will provide years of enjoyable hookah smoking.



5. Charcoal Burners:

OzzyHookah Charcoal Burner


Hookah charcoal burners are devices that are used to heat hookah charcoal. There are many different types of hookah charcoal burners, ranging from simple to complex. The most basic type of hookah charcoal burner is a metal screen that is placed over a heat source. more advanced hookah charcoal burners may use electrical elements or even gas flames. Hookah charcoal burners typically have some kind of ventilation system to ensure that the charcoal is heated evenly. Some hookah charcoals need to be burned at very high temperatures, while others can be burned at lower temperatures. The type of hookah charcoal and the desired outcome will determine the temperature that is needed. Hookahs vary in size, so it is important to choose a hookah charcoal burner that is the appropriate size for the hookah being used. Smaller hookahs will require less heat, while larger hookahs will require more heat. Hookah charcoal burners can be purchased at many smoke shops and online retailers.


One of the most popular hookah burners is the OzzyHookah XL burner! The Ozzyhookah Charcoal Burner is perfect for large gatherings! It can light up to 20 pieces of charcoal at once, and it's made from 304 green stainless steel, meaning this unit will last. It also comes with the Australian Plug and a temperature knob built in so you can select the desired heat level. Whether you're a hookah enthusiast or just looking for an easier way to heat your hookah charcoal, then OzzyHookah XL Burner is the right choice for you.




Overall, hookahs are a great way to enjoy tobacco smoking. However, there are some important accessories that hookah smokers need to be aware of. These accessories include hookah hoses, heat management devices, charcoal burners, and more. By understanding the purpose of each accessory and how to properly use it, hookah smokers can enhance their smoking experience and create different smoking experiences. you are new to hookah smoking, or if you are looking for ways to enhance your hookah smoking experience, be sure to check out the different hookah accessories that are available. With the right accessories, you can make hookah smoking even more enjoyable. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other hookah articles for more information on hookahs and hookah smoking.


If you're looking for premium hookah accessories, look no further than The Premium Way. We carry a wide selection of hookah hoses, heat management devices, charcoal burners, and more. Our team is passionate about hookah smoking and we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Visit us online or give us a call today if you want to learn more about our products and services. Thank you for reading!


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