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What is The Best Hookah Shisha Brand?

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What is The Best Hookah Shisha Brand? - The Premium Way

Are you looking for the best shisha to try in your next hookah session? Well, the tough thing is there are so many hookahs out there in the market that labeling one the best is unfair. Though, If you want to have something that is fail-proof and widely accepted as “the best” which lends your senses to the ultimate bliss of shisha smoking pleasure, then this little guide yet covering all the important aspects is appreciable. 

Discover the Best Shisha Available in Australia

Our best hookah shisha brand 2020 is inflated with all the much-needed facts that will steer to make a smart and informed as a consumer when picking a hookah next time when you go on a shopping


Starbuzz is a US-based brand that started way back in 2005, and within a period of 12 months, they came into the big shark category of the hookah business and made a big power move by launching their best-selling shisha flavor blue melon. The main reason why they got so famous are: 

  • Unique Blends
  • Juicy Flavors
  • Strong Marketing and Product Reach
  • Unmatchable Quality

 Starbuzz owners took their brand seriously and in return, the whole smoker community took them very seriously.

Al Fakher Tobacco

Al-Fakher is the oldie-goldie and one of the most popular shisha brands not in Australia only but throughout the world. This brand has roots in the United Arab Emirates the main originating place of hookah. In the UAE, it is a frequently used brand and well appreciated on a global scale. Al-Fakher shisha possesses great versatility and goes smooth when blended with other flavors making it exceptionally great for beginners who don’t want to deal with the jargon and like to go straight to the point, buzz. Get the Al Fakher if you want to do minimum efforts to have maximum fun.

Al-Waha Shisha

Al-Waha hookah tobacco is a gem in hookah shisha flavors. Made with love in Jordan by smokers, this shisha tobacco is a hit & hot between the pros as well as noob smokers. The reason behind  Al-Waha is made from the finest french tobacco leaves that make the dense clouds along with crisp flavor that lingers in your mouth for good. So if your clan is of new smokers, blindly pick Al-Waha Shisha to get bigger and better clouds with uncompromised quality.

Top Hookah & Shisha Accessories

At its mundane level, to have an enjoyable hookah session you need accessories and this part is UNAVOIDABLE. Other than the Hookah itself, you require a vessel for the shisha and coal (a bowl) and giving way to the vapor (a hose). These are basics something addition than this is for enhancing the experience and raising the comfort. Below are the important accessories that you just can’t skip.

Hookah Bowl

If you are seeking for the hookah bowl that caters to your particular hookah habits or style then congratulations market is flooded with options. We vouch for the Vortex Bowl and the Phunnel Bowl. They work fantastic with juicy brands like the above provided and equally compliments with drier alternatives. The secret is in the design that they practice the holes on the base of a regular bowl, and keep them in the raising spiral pattern at the center of the bowl. This design holds the juice to leak and provide consistent rich flavor during the whole session.

 Hookah Hose

The most problematic concern with a hose is they get dirty (easily) and retain the flavor in them. And you must be thinking why not wash it out, simple? But sorry you can’t because they are not of washable material in most of the cases. If you are planning to buy a hose or in a mood of upgrading, choose a washable variant. There are a plethora of options available in Australia, buy any that is in your budget.

Hookah Heat Management

One of the key factors that decide how’s your hookah going to taste like is the Hookah Heat Management system. Too much heat and all the moisture will be drained leading to deserted drags of too little smoke. And putting the coal in the perfect way that balances the smoke, flavor, consistency of smoke along with nice moisture level is a task in itself. Give yourself a break and get a Kaloud Lotus a one-stop solution to all the problems concerning the hookah and heat.

Since you have made to the last of this guide shows you are really serious about the hookah sessions and we cherish this sprit. Check out the site and get all accessories & other things you need for shisha. 

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