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Top 5 Best Hookah Flavors: List of Top Shisha Flavors Of All Time

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Top 5 Best Hookah Flavors: List of Top Shisha Flavors Of All Time - The Premium Way

These 5 hookah flavors seem to hit the orgasmic zone because of the richness and everything perfect they have. No matter whats the theme of smoking party, or how diverse the smoking group is, they always seem to blend in and sets everyone’s mood for a good time. That was thought-provoking for us - What are the most loved shisha tobacco flavors and makes them so special? Well luckily, being in the business of Hookah we knowe all the nits and grits. After streaming through years worth of sales sheets we have settled what we think to be the 5 most loved shisha flavors of all time. There are only the legends in this list that shouldn't shock anyone, but even we were amazed by a few of the champions. Read along to check our list and be certain and get in touch with us in our “Contact US” section to tell which flavors you are surprised to know and which hidden gem we missed out.

 Al Fakher Mint Frost

 We all saw that coming Al Fakher Mint Frost would be on this list going in. Mint Frost is such a darling flavor it can be mixed with almost all flavors existing in the smoker’s world and Al Fakher's variety is the best genuine mint flavor available out there. Others might have an extra minty finish or an overpowering flavor like a mint man punched you on the throat, but essential fresh mint frost flavor like Al Fakher made the dominance like a big man in the house. Hats off to Al Fakher Mint frost on obtaining the most popular hookah flavor of all time.

 Al Fakher Double Apple

 Al Fakher Double Apple (also popularised to as Two Apples) is the hookah flavor of preference for legendary hookah smokers and is convincingly the most loved shisha flavor in the world after mint frost. Al Fakher’s version is a complete masterpiece, maintaining the same consistency, flavor, and quality for decades, this is a flavor is a time machine packed in a box hookah and take smokers down to memory lane each puff. When we had a word with hookah smokers about their first experiences a large number state that Double Apple was their favorite and first hookah flavor. Double Apple's mix of licorice and a subtle light apple hint is the essence of what a perfect hookah encounter should taste like. You can mix this gem with Pasha - Dunhill for an exotic taste.

 Starbuzz Pirates Cave

 Oh, what a beauty! Pirate's Cave is another Starbuzz flavor in our best hookah flavors of all time. This is the one spot on flavor for that mate who is not into minty or tobacco hinted flavor - who loves a nice sweet, almost candy-like hint when they pipe. Pirate's Cave is sort of like a hot chid of a lemon-lime soda and a sugar-sweet candy. If you are just begging the journey of smoking shisha and haven't realized a taste for more established fruit flavors, this is an excellent flavor to start. Every bowl is delightful and newbie to shisha will prefer this flavor when you pack up a bowl. If you want to have variety in the same base try Al Fakher - Fusion.

 Starbuzz Sex On The Beach

 Starbuzz Sex on the Beach is a catch on the traditional cocktail with the likewise name. Many shisha brands have tried to achieve the taste and scent of renowned cocktails in shisha structure, and this is one of the most solid and most popular experiments. If you have never tried a Sex on the Beach cocktail already, assume a tropical and fruity blend of pineapple, peach, cranberry, and pomegranate. Very soothing and quite fun for all species of smokers. Mix with pasha - belly dance for a new wholesome deal.

 Pasha - Rooh Afza

 Rooh Afza is a sherbet (in the classical sense of a syrup expected to be blended with cold water/milk) formed in 1906 in India and is now manufactured in India and Pakistan by what was previously the same company and this flavor doesn’t copy the taste of the sherbet, in our opinion, it comes to capturing the scent, which transforms perfectly into the thick and flavorful smoke.  In any situation, the scent of the flavor is more mysteriously fine and interesting than the palate, which is governed by its sheer sweetness, this is a perfect for people who are driven by their olfactory senses. Get all these flavors on a one-stop-shop for all your hookah needs at now!

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