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How To Use A Hookah - The Premium Way

How To Use A Hookah

, by João Amorim, 4 min reading time

Regardless of whether you are a first-time smoker looking for tips on correctly using a hooker or a seasoned hookah enthusiast seeking to enhance their smoking session, correctly using your hookah is crucial. While it can seem overwhelming if you've never done it before, after reading this guide you will be having amazing shisha smoking sessions in no time. This blog will walk you through the fundamental things that all hookah smokers must know, from assembly, to adding tobacco and water, to heating the charcoal, to experimenting with different hookah tobacco (known as either shisha or argileh) flavours to discover what your taste buds like best. After reading this blog, you will know how to correctly assemble a hookah, how to use it, and what you should be doing to get the most out of the experience.

Hookah assembly made easy

Unlike manufactured cigarettes, perfecting your own hookah setup is an artform. You need the right ingredients and amounts, and to get that flavoursome smoke everything must be working exactly as it should be. Anything less and your session will be compromised. Let’s discuss how to set up a hookah effectively and easily.

First off, you should spend some time finding a hookah model that suits your needs, as its size, materials, and overall 'feel' can all impact your experience. You should also only use genuine hookah accessories, as they are designed to work together and you need to be assured of their quality, because when it comes to crucial elements such as a hookah pipe, hookah hose, and hookah shaft, a good built quality is important. So, try to avoid using a homemade hookah hose! Other things you might want to consider include a glass base, rubber grommets, and a metal tube.

The fundamentals of hookah assembly

It is easy to set up your hookah, provided you utilise a straightforward, step-by-step approach, addressing these important factors:


Before you even begin to set up your hookah, you must ensure it is fit for use. This means thoroughly cleaning the hookah with water and a wipe, to remove any old shisha tobacco. Doing so means your hookah session will be hygienic, safe, and that the hookah tobacco flavours will be enriched.

Pour water into the base:

Detach the hookah stem, which is its long ‘neck’, from the base, and then fill the base with cold water until, upon reattachment, about two to three centimetres of the stem would be submerged. Then, reattach the stem to the base.

Attach the hose:

First insert the rubber grommet into the hooker hose port, and then gently attach the hose to the same port. Following this, attach the tray to the top of the stem, which will catch stray charcoal ashes, protecting you from accidentally being burned.

Preparing the charcoal/shisha:

This is one of the most important steps, and must be conducted in a safe, methodical manner. Use a burner to safely ignite the natural hookah charcoal, and then open the package containing the hookah tobacco, commonly known as shisha. Then, stir the shisha, which will help bring out its rich flavours. When packing shisha into a hookah bowl (you may have either a glass bowl or clay bowl), many people make the mistake of overpacking it but it should not be air tight, so be sure that there is ample air flow. After, place the shisha into the hookah bowl, the container that sits at the top of the hookah, which you will then cover with foil.

Place both the shisha bowl and hot charcoal onto the top of the hookah:

The shisha bowl should be put on the top of the hookah, with the charcoal placed atop of the foil of the bowl. Leave the shisha to rest for two to three minutes, before you start your session. This helps the flavour to settle, and will enhance the overall experience.

Commence your session by slowly inhaling over the hose:

Remember that the overall goal of your hookah session is enjoyment. By inhaling in a measured, methodical manner, the shisha will be able to cool down, thus increasing the chances of having an incredible hookah session.

Another area to consider is that smoking shisha can be a unique process, so you will maximise your pleasure through tailoring it to your individual taste. Hookahs come in many different varieties, and there is a huge variety of different shisha flavours out there; does the thought of breathing in cool mint shisha sound appealing to you? If so, great, and if not maybe you would prefer an apple tinge? Find out what works for you!

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