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How To Blow Bigger Clouds With Your Hookah?

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How To Blow Bigger Clouds With Your Hookah? - The Premium Way

In this blog post, we are going to share some techniques and some hacks for making the densest clouds when you smoke shisha with your friends.

Read all of these basics and with little practice, your clouds will be denser and bigger.

How To Get Big Hookah Smoke Clouds

Take Help Of Glycerin

Glycerin can be the reason how you can get big clouds when you drag hookah, we are seriously grateful to know this secret ingredient. Glycerin is one of the chief components in a hookah (next to shisha, molasses, and shisha flavors), and it makes thick vapor due to heat. It is a synthetic compound much like alcohol in terms of appearance and consistency just a little thicker, apart from being practiced for making bigger clouds in hookah it has some normal usage like keeping fruit fresh, as a moisturizing agent in cosmetics and skincare, in cake and bakes making, and so much more.

This chemical synthesis pulls moisture present in the air, assisting to maintain your shisha, and supporting you blow some heavy smoke puffs! Larger the quantity of glycerin in your shisha, the greater the clouds. Nevertheless, you need to make certain to get the perfect balance as glycerin can withdraw flavor from the hookah  - so don't overdo it you're trying with shisha setting for the first time!

Different Techniques Of Hookah To Get Dense Clouds

Different shisha labels will have several preparation conditions so if you have a new brand and in a mood for experiment be certain to review our product pages for usual basic review and description before beginning. We'll include some fundamental shisha tobacco making techniques here.

The Fluff Technique

This is the most prevalent shisha preparation method and goes fabulous with most modern shisha brands like Starbuzz, Fantasia, Fumari, and many others. We practice this type of technique when we experiment with new labels and make it adapt to our wanted smoke choice. This is also a fabulous way to use Al Fakher shisha flavors.

Using the Fluff approach will need you to pack your bowl up to the extent of rim line but having your shisha slip into the hookah bowl with a dusting pattern. The fluffy appearance to your shisha will enable temperature to linger through efficiently to produce nice clouds instantly.

 The Dense Technique

The dense technique is your stablest bet when you are burning Tangiers shisha, and it can be practiced for Starbuzz Vintage or al fakher mint. If this is your initial experience trying this technique you might not the main technique is in the volume of pressure that you practice to the crush tobacco and pack, but try it to know and enjoy.

A dense preparation can be accomplished by a Shisha Fork or your super sturdy hands. You should possess a funnel style bowl available as the stress implemented to your tobacco would hinder your air flows in any bowl that carries holes on the bottom like an Egyptian bowl.

The Over Technique

The overpack is accurate for labels that approve a ton of flame. The common brand name which we recommend the for Over Technique is Al-Waha. The procedure is similar to above mentioned one but dragging is needed a little more.

 4 Simple Tricks To Blow Bigger Smoke Clouds

Make certain your hookah is sealed tight! Inspect the hose, bowl, and base, if you detect air expanding through when dragging, check, and correct immediately.

Careful, The more charcoals or the more heat provided to the shisha, the added smoke that will be created, but you need to do this while maintaining your hookah soft and easy to do. In this step, you can add glycerin.

Punching more and bigger holes into the aluminum foil on the shisha bowl will enable more charcoal heat to be provided to the shisha flavor, leaving for it to burn quicker, making the clouds denser, bigger, and tastier. Make certain to push a few big holes in sections that will not be confined to the charcoal (like at the corner edges on the bowl) to leave for space to capture in and preserve the temperature at a stable level.

The quantity of water you put in your base will also have an influence on how steady and smooth your hookah is, so if you want to have heavy clouds it is recommended you use more liquid. Other fluids can also assist to smooth out the smoke, such as milk, glycerine, or coffee.

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