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Hookah Heat Management Devices For Shisha Bowls - The Premium Way

Hookah Heat Management Devices For Shisha Bowls

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Most of us used to enjoy hookah in Egyptian Clay bowls with tin foil on the top. Like other industries, the hookah industry is also growing and developing. New flavors, tools, and devices are coming as time passes. Presently there are plenty of HMD's or Heat Management devices, and an essentially infinite number of elevated bowl options to fit your desired HMD. People who love to smoke hookah, generally ask for HMD and other devices. So let’s get started with the basic tools.

What do you mean by Hookah HMD?

HMD or the Heat Management Device makes it simpler to enjoy a perfect bowl of hookah. These tools aid the coals to last for a longer time or support you to use less amount of coal pieces to save your time and money. There is a long list of styles and functions from which you can select the one which is suitable for you.

Different HMDs available in the market-

Kaloud Lotus Plus

The Kaloud lotus Plus is an enhanced and updated model of the original HMD of Kaloud lotus. This is one of the demanded versions of HMD in the hookah industry. While using this model, there is no need to use foil to experience a clear hookah. 

It is larger in size than the predecessor  in case you can get that extra coal if you like to smoke on the warmer side of things. You will find new rivets on the bottom that will keep your coal raised which does not let the coal turn black. One more advantage of Kaloud Lotus Plus is that it keeps the ash away from going into your bowl and speeds up your preparation time by eliminating the foil and hole poking step.

Starbuzz Nar Head Heat Management System

The Nar is the first hit of the hookah industry and one of the latest models. Including all the bells and whistles with it, the Nar is the biggest of the HND’s in the market today. It also eliminates the use of foil and has all the bells and whistles with it. Much like the Kaloud Lotus, the Nar is executed to drop the need for foil, expand the term of your coals, and keep the ash of your Hookah bowl. Add this to the thermometer that permits you to know the warmth of your bowl so you can really dial in what suits best for you.

Kaloud Lotus II

The Kaloud is the latest model that arrived in the HMD market. The structure and design of  Kaloud are totally different from those of old models of Kaloud in the past. Its most elegant look is the prime reason that users want to use it. Like the Lotus plus, the Lotus II has the high space to hold the coals from turning black and treat them last much longer. 

Kaloud also had a detachable designation or a "key" as it has been called, which permits users to get the full clean aesthetic they are searching for. The Lotus II has much-developed airflow which means you can use very light charcoal to produce optimal outcomes with your Hookah session. It is found that 2 Cube coals are more than sufficient to get your Lotus 2 session rolling along effective for over an hour! 

Grail Hookah Bowl

The grail hookah bowl is a combo bowl. It appears as a set with a bowl with a clay screen. This proffers you really a few options for experiencing your Hookah session. You can simply place the Grail bowl with your favorite hookah, set the screen over the tobacco, coals on the screen, and good to go! We suggest practicing the grail bowl, or whatever else your bowl choice is, filling it with foil as normal, then place the screen on the foil, put your coals, and smoke away! Coals tend to exist longer, it holds a good bit of ash from slipping down into your bowl and keeps the coals from fast scorching the shisha much like the Flavor Saver. This is one more cheap HMD choice that can up your Hookah experience!

These are some of the HMD options available in the market. Many more devices are on their way to enter the market. We hope this article has given some ideas upon HMDs and now you can choose the best suitable device for your shisha. For more shisha accessories, check our accessories section

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