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Get some simple tips to clean your hookah and hose - The Premium Way

Get some simple tips to clean your hookah and hose

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You pack a bowl of your hookah diligently, wait for it to get warm the way through, carefully push holes in the foil.  After remaining through a couple of minutes of preparation nicely, you take your first big drag off your hookah, only to get a mouth and lung full of trash, dirt, and particles!   EWWWWW!  You have packed Starbuzz Black Mint, but all you sense is the Rose bowl your buddy puffed through your hookah some days ago. 

Here are some tips on how to avoid these kinds of scenarios and how to wash your hookah hose, and which hoses are going to facilitate the lasting cleanest smoke and purest flavors. Yeah, Let’s do it! Rinse your hose.  Restore your flavors.  Have your hookah!

Before we work, let’s just get several facts accurate, so there are no misunderstandings about keeping hookah hoses, soaking your hookah hose, and buying for the right hose upfront.

Practically all hookah hoses will need to be renewed over time.  Stop adhering to that your first hose like its a Babe Ruth Rookie Card.  You do not still hold your first set of shoelaces, do you? It is good when you wash the hose to remove dirt and dust particles. You will find many hoses in the market which are labeled to last a long time and water-resistant but aren’t. So be careful while you wash the hoses. Remember, the water and humidity can ruin the inside of your hose. 

Now let us come to know how you will wash the hookah hose.

Do you think is it possible to wash a hookah hose without water? We say yes. Let’s know how to do it.

Method 1- Drop the hose over so that both ends are in your hand. Tightly turn the host against the arm of your sofa a few minutes to hit free any loose trash. The decay of your hookah hose may happen due to dust, dirt or rusty flakes come through can quickly fix to wash it out without the use of water. Leave forcefully through each end of the hose when you keep a finger in the airflow. Now you will get to see the dust coming out until the air stream is free of loose particles. Reaching this point, you can buy the next hookah hose.

Method 2- In this 2nd method you can use an air compressor or a strong vacuum cleaner to absorb air through the hookah hose. Make sure you have used maximum force to remove all the dirt particles. This is a simple method to dry your hookah hose without using water. 

Advised Washable Hookah Hoses:

The Nammor Hookah Hose

Accessible in Small, Large, Banded, Fretted, Chrome, and other variations, the Nammor hose was the premier hookah hose to be rescued that was developed to be cleaned.  Beware of imitations and knock-offs that just don't cut the mustard!

Fancy Hose

A great cleanable hose that can be collected in many colors and shades.  It is simple to clean and very reasonable.  Why not buy these by the dozen and choose hoses to certain essences? 

Black Washable Hose

It is that small black hose that goes with everything.  Soft, washable, and reasonable...this hookah hose is inexpensive, clean, and simple.

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