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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hookah for Your First Hookah Session

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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hookah for Your First Hookah Session - The Premium Way

The hookah's many monikers, like shisha, nargile, or water pipe, are a testament to a rich tradition spanning continents and centuries. Rooted in the heart of the Middle East, this intricate device has woven its way into global culture, now gracing modern lounges and cosy home settings. The myriad choices can be daunting for novices looking to dive into the captivating world of hookah collections. Selecting the ideal hookah isn't merely about its visual allure; it's integral to guaranteeing a memorable and enjoyable smoking session. 

Understanding Hookah Basics


A hookah is an instrument crafted for vaporising and inhaling flavoured tobacco. At its core, the hookah comprises four critical components: the bowl, which holds the tobacco; the chamber, typically filled with water, that cools and filters the smoke; the pipe, or the body, through which the smoke travels; and the hose, from which the user draws the smoke out. Each component is integral, playing a specific role to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Together, they combine tradition and craftsmanship to create the quintessential hookah session.

Why Choosing the Right Hookah Matters?

Choosing the right hookah is pivotal to ensuring an authentic and enjoyable experience. A well-selected hookah not only delivers a smooth, flavorful smoke but also complements the ambience of the session. The wrong choice can lead to harsh smoke, clogging, or health concerns. Furthermore, a quality hookah pipe invests in durability and performance, ensuring many sessions without constant replacements or repairs. Just as a connoisseur would select the finest wine or a musician the perfect instrument, a hookah enthusiast understands that the right choice sets the stage for memorable moments and shared stories.

Determine the Ideal Size

Size matters when it comes to hookahs. While they come in various sizes, from small portable ones to large ornate pieces, your choice should reflect your intended use.

Personal or Portable Hookahs

portable hookah

Compact, convenient, personal or portable hookahs typically stand between 12 and 14 inches tall. Their size makes them perfect for on-the-go sessions during travel or at intimate gatherings. They're an excellent pick for those who prioritise mobility and space-saving. However, one must note that their compact nature might compromise the density of the smoke. While they deliver a delightful experience, those seeking voluminous clouds might find them slightly lacking compared to their larger counterparts.

Medium Hookahs

medium hookah

Standing at a 22-24 inches height, medium hookahs balance size and functionality. They've earned their popularity, especially among novices, due to their user-friendly design. Their stature ensures a good smoke quality, delivering a satisfying experience without being overly cumbersome. Moreover, their versatility shines as they seamlessly fit into diverse settings, from cosy indoor sessions to larger outdoor gatherings. For those venturing into hookah, medium-sized ones often serve as the perfect introduction.

Large Hookahs

Large Hookah

Large hookahs, which can reach heights of 28 inches or more, are unquestionably stunning in appearance and performance. Their designs often lean towards the ornate, making them not just smoking instruments but also statement pieces for decor. Offering unparalleled smoke quality, they are the go-to choice for dedicated hookah lounges, aiming to provide an exceptional experience. Individuals wanting a centrepiece for their homes also gravitate towards these majestic pieces. However, their grandeur comes with a trade-off: they can be quite challenging in maintenance, requiring more effort in cleaning and handling than their smaller counterparts.

Pay Attention to the Material

material of hookah

The longevity, taste, and overall experience of your hookah session can significantly depend on the materials used in the hookah's construction.

Stainless Steel

Predominantly used in the world of hookahs, stainless steel stands out for its durability and resistance to rust. Its long-lasting nature makes it a favourite among enthusiasts who seek reliability in their hookah components. However, a word of caution: not all stainless steel is created equal. It's imperative to invest in high-quality stainless steel. Settling for subpar variants can lead to disappointment, as they might succumb to corrosion over prolonged use. Thus, always ensure quality to enjoy a seamless and enduring hookah experience.


A brass hookah is considered a classic choice due to its toughness and lasting strength; picking one is like selecting a timeless work of art. Brass hookahs stand the test of time and are an investment in tradition. Its heavy weight indicates quality and provides a stable, comforting grip that reduces the possibility of accidents while in use. Brass is appealing because it nicely portrays age and memories. Due to their changeable finish, brass hookahs are great for historical and style enthusiasts. It's elegant and symbolises hookah smoking's history.


Copper is the ideal material for purists who long for a real hookah experience. Copper is prized for heat conductivity. It ensures efficient heat transfer from the coals to your smoking surface, offering unsurpassed temperature control. This careful management is needed to enjoy shisha's complete flavour range. Copper's natural antibacterial capabilities reduce bacterial buildup, making smoke cleaner. But maintaining this shiny metal does take work; it tarnishes easily and needs to be polished frequently to sustain its lustre. 


In the shisha market, silicone hookahs are a rising trend that is highly valued for their usefulness. These silicone hookahs can endure spills and other incidents that would destroy glass hookahs. Their remarkable ease of cleaning a simple rinse is frequently sufficient to keep them immaculate and makes them a low-maintenance option. Silicone hookahs eliminate fragility and care, making them ideal for hookah enthusiasts who seek convenience. They're also portable and flexible, making them ideal for smokers on the road or with little space.


A contemporary favourite, glass brings a touch of elegance and transparency to hookahs. Its clear nature not only offers a visual delight by showcasing the dance of bubbles and smoke but also promises a pure, unaltered flavour, as glass doesn't impart any additional taste. Cleaning it is a breeze, making maintenance straightforward. However, its beauty comes with a vulnerability: glass is delicate. While it is a pristine medium for smoking, one must handle it carefully to avoid breakages and ensure longevity.

Combination Materials

Combination material hookahs provide the best of both worlds, appealing to people who value elegant decoration and long-lasting quality. Hybrid designs are unique and personal, combining stainless steel's durability with brass decorative elements. This combination creates a durable smoking device with complex aesthetics. These hookahs' customization lets fans personalise their experience. A hookah can be made using steel for the stem, brass for the tray, or glass to suit one's taste and enhance the smoking experience.

Consider the Hose Options

Washable vs. Non-Washable: 

Diving into the world of hookahs presents many choices, one being the type of hose to use. Washable hoses, crafted to be rinsed out, are a boon for those exploring a spectrum of flavours. They eliminate the risk of 'flavour ghosting', ensuring each session's taste remains untainted. In contrast, non-washable hoses retain flavour. They bring back memories, but flavour purists worry that leftover tastes may mix with new ones. The choice depends on your taste and experimentation.

Length and Material: 

The hose's length and material directly influence the hookah experience. Longer hoses cater to group sessions, offering ease of use and eliminating the need for frequent passing or repositioning. In terms of material, silicone stands out for its durability and resistance to flavour retention, ensuring a consistent taste. With their history and aesthetic appeal, traditional leather and fabric hoses may retain former flavours, creating a layered smoking experience. Whether one prefers modern efficiency or heritage determines the choice.

Check the Bowl Quality


Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls hold a prominent place in the world of hookah. Famous for properly distributing heat, they heat the tobacco or herbal mix equally, making smoking smooth and consistent. Hookah bowls porous nature also aids in flavour absorption, making each session truly immersive. However, their main drawback is their fragility. Even a minor mishap can result in cracks or shattering. While they excel in performance, careful handling is paramount. Ceramic bowls blend functionality with a delicate nature, making them a popular yet cautious choice for hookah enthusiasts.

Silicone Bowls

Silicone bowls are gaining popularity among hookah fans as a contemporary alternative. Their primary allure lies in their durability. Unlike traditional ceramic or clay bowls, silicone bowls are resilient, withstanding accidental drops or bumps without shattering. This unbreakable nature makes them ideal for seasoned users and beginners alike, reducing the worry of breakage. While they might not have the same porous characteristics as their ceramic counterparts, their ease of use, longevity, and peace of mind they offer make them an increasingly sought-after choice in today's hookah market.

Clay Bowls

For those who want to smoke a hookah and experience something authentic, clay bowls are the best option. Their centuries-old use in hookahs adds nostalgia to your experience. Clay is an excellent conductor of heat so that shisha tobacco can be cooked gently and evenly. This heat regulation makes drawing smooth and fun. Clay's pores help taste purists by absorbing and retaining shisha tobacco's essence. Those who like to stick to one shisha kind enjoy the depth of flavour, ensuring a rich and authentic taste each time.

Metal Bowls

With their durability and efficiency, metal bowls modernise hookah smoking. These bowls can withstand regular usage and are a good choice for smokers. They especially understand when it comes to periodic unintentional spills. Metal bowls heat up quickly, reducing the wait time for your hookah. This rapid heat-up requires caution since metal bowls can cause temperature swings that can burn shisha if not regulated. Metal bowls are strong and effective options for anybody who can learn to use them.

The Premium Way's Distinction in the Hookah World

Premium Way's Distinction in the Hookah World

The Premium Way is renowned for its exceptional hookah craftsmanship. Boasting a legacy of combining tradition with modernity, this enterprise specialises in high-end hookah pipes that resonate with beginners and connoisseurs. Each piece, made from premium materials, is a monument to the company's commitment to excellence and an unmatched smoking experience. Beyond just functionality, our hookahs are often considered art pieces, thanks to their intricate designs and impeccable detailing. For those seeking a luxurious smoking session, this company is the go-to, ensuring a blend of tradition, innovation, and elegance in every puff.


Choosing the right hookah for your first session is essential for a memorable experience. The perfect hookah blends functionality, aesthetics, and personal preference. By considering the size, material, hose type, and brand reputation, you're sure to make a choice that will make your first hookah session enjoyable and set the tone for many more to come.

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