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How Shisha Works: A Luxurious Experience at The Premium Way

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How Shisha Works: A Luxurious Experience at The Premium Way - The Premium Way

Shisha, often called hookah, is a special kind of smoking device that has been used for hundreds of years, mostly in the Middle East. It’s more than just a way to smoke; it’s a big part of cultural traditions, where people gather together and enjoy each other's company. Nowadays, shisha is becoming very popular all over the world, especially among people who love living a high-end lifestyle. At The Premium Way, we're really excited to take a closer look at shisha, but from a luxury point of view. We want to explore all the details that make shisha so special, from its rich history to how it has become a symbol of elegance and relaxation for those who enjoy the finer things in life. We're here to show you how shisha works, but we're doing it in a way that highlights its luxury, its beauty, and how it can be a part of a premium lifestyle.

The Anatomy of a Premium Shisha

Premium Shisha

We believe that enjoying shisha is not just a pastime—it's an indulgence in sophistication and refined pleasures. Each component of our premium shisha collection is a testament to luxury and tradition, meticulously crafted for the discerning enthusiast. Explore the anatomy of a premium shisha through our lens, where every detail contributes to an unparalleled smoking experience.

Charcoal: The Foundation of Flavor


Charcoal is the heat source for shisha, responsible for warming the tobacco to produce smoke. The quality of the charcoal can significantly affect the taste and duration of your smoking session. We provide premium, environmentally friendly charcoal options that burn cleaner and longer, offering a consistent heat that is crucial for the perfect smoking experience. Our selection includes natural coconut charcoal, renowned for its minimal ash production and optimal heat output.

The Bowl: A Testament to Craftsmanship  

The Bowl

The bowl, or head, is where the shisha tobacco is placed and heated. Our premium bowls ensure even heat distribution for a consistent and flavorful smoke. Our premium shisha bowls are sourced from the finest materials, including artisanal clay and sleek glass, enhancing the aesthetic of your shisha ritual.

The Stem: Elegance Elevated

The Stem

The stem connects the bowl to the water base and plays a crucial role in smoke filtration and airflow. Our stems are crafted for both beauty and optimal smoking performance. Crafted from premium metals such as stainless steel and adorned with intricate details, our stems provide smooth airflow and a statement of luxury in every puff.

The Water Base: Artistry in Glass  

The Water Base: Artistry in Glass

The water base, or vase, cools and filters the smoke as it passes through the water, creating a smooth smoking experience. Our hand-blown bases are both functional and visually stunning. Hand-blown by skilled artisans, these glass or crystal vases transform each smoking session into a visual spectacle while cooling the smoke to perfection.

The Hose: Sophistication in Every Draw  


The hose is the conduit through which the smoke is drawn from the shisha. Our premium shisha hose offers a comfortable and luxurious draw, reflecting the elegance of the smoker. Experience unparalleled elegance with our high-quality hoses, designed for comfort and style, ensuring a seamless draw and rich flavour.

Grommets: Precision in the Details  


Grommets ensure an airtight connection between the shisha's components, essential for efficient smoke flow. Our precision-made hookah grommets reflect our commitment to flawless smoking experiences. We understand that luxury is in the details. That's why our shishas are equipped with precision-made grommets, ensuring a perfect seal.

The Tray: Practicality Meets Style  


The tray catches any falling ash or embers during the smoking session, keeping surfaces clean without sacrificing style. Our trays are as elegant as they are functional. Designed to complement the elegance of the entire setup, our trays serve their practical purpose with efficiency and add a touch of sophistication.

Heat Management Devices 

Heat Management Devices

These heat management devices regulate the heat applied to the shisha tobacco, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable smoke without the harshness that can come from overheating. Our selection includes beautifully crafted heat management systems that are as efficient as they are elegant.



Personal mouthpieces offer a hygienic way to enjoy shisha, especially in social settings. Our hookah mouthpieces are made from premium materials like glass and metal and even encrusted with jewels, providing a personal touch of luxury.

Cleaning Brushes

cleaning brushes

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the pristine condition and optimal performance of your shisha. Our high-quality hookah cleaning brushes are designed to perfectly fit and clean all parts of your shisha, ensuring it remains in top condition.

Carrying Cases/Bags

Shisha Carrying Case

For the shisha enthusiast on the move, a durable and stylish shisha carrying case is indispensable. Protect your shisha and its accessories with our range of luxurious cases designed for convenience and style.

Charcoal Burners

Charcoal Burners

An essential tool for natural charcoal users, our high-quality charcoal burners ensure your coals are lit evenly and quickly, readying them for your smoking session without the wait.

Flavour Saver

Flavour Saver

This accessory helps in managing the heat from the charcoal to the shisha tobacco, preventing burning and extending the life of your shisha session. Our flavour savers are designed for those who appreciate a longer, more flavorful experience.

Wind Covers

Wind Covers

Perfect for outdoor smoking sessions, wind covers prevent the wind from affecting the burning of the charcoal, maintaining the temperature and ensuring a consistent smoking experience.

Our premium shisha collection in Australia is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, embodying luxury, craftsmanship, and an exclusive experience. We invite you to explore our exclusive selection and discover the elevated lifestyle that comes with choosing us.

Understanding the Science Behind Making Every Puff Special

Understanding the Science Behind Making Every Puff Special

We love shisha, and we want to share with you the cool science stuff that makes it so amazing. We think that knowing a bit about how shisha works makes enjoying it even better. So, let's dive into how shisha works and ensure every puff you take is special.

Gentle Heat: Tasty Vapour Without the Burn

First up, we talk about how we gently heat the tobacco instead of burning it. This is super important because it means you get all the yummy flavours without any of the harsh smoke. We use some really good charcoal and special devices to make sure the heat is just right. This way, you get a smooth and tasty smoke every time.

  • Why This Rocks: Heating it up this way keeps things smooth and flavoured. We pick the best tobacco and use cool gadgets to make sure your smoke is just perfect. This is what makes smoking with us really stand out.

Cool Water: Making Smoke Smooth and Fresh

Next, we've got water in the base of the shisha. This isn't just for looks – it actually cools down the smoke, making it really smooth to inhale. Plus, it does a little bit of cleaning on the smoke, which is pretty neat.

  • What This Means for You: Our shisha setups make sure the water does its job really well, cooling down your smoke and making each puff feel fresh. This is part of why smoking shisha with us feels so good.

Airflow: Getting It Just Right

And then there's airflow – it's like the secret sauce that brings it all together. The way air moves through the shisha affects everything from how hot the charcoal gets to how thick or light the smoke is. We've designed our shisha to let you control this, making sure you can have your smoke just the way you like it.

  • Why You'll Love It: With our shisha, you get to be in charge of how you smoke. Want a big, fluffy cloud of smoke? Or maybe something lighter and more flavorful? Our shisha setups let you adjust things so it's just perfect for you.

We are all about making your shisha experience as amazing as it can be. We put a lot of thought into the little science bits that make a big difference in how your shisha smokes. This way, every time you take a puff, it's not just smoke – it's a little moment of luxury. Whether you're a shisha pro or trying it for the first time, we're here to make sure it's an experience you'll love.


Understanding how shisha works is key to making your smoking experience better. It's all about knowing what makes a great session, from the flavours to the setup. Our store is all in to give you a luxury shisha experience. We have got top-notch products and tips that make your sessions special. Check out what we are offering. We have got a great selection of premium shisha products and accessories waiting for you.


How often should I clean my shisha?

It's best to clean your shisha after every use to keep it working well and tasting fresh.

Can I mix shisha flavours?

Yes, mixing flavours can create new and exciting tastes. Start with small amounts to find combinations you like.

Why is proper heat management important?

Managing the heat keeps your shisha from getting too harsh and makes your tobacco last longer, giving you a better smoking experience.

Where can I find luxury shisha accessories?

We offer a selection of high-end shisha accessories to enhance your smoking session. Check our website, The Premium Way, for the latest products in Australia.

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