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Have A Shisha Party

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Have A Shisha Party - The Premium Way

How to use a Hookah Pipe at your home to create an intimate space for your next Shisha party.

How to use a Hookah Pipe to create an intimate space at your next house party that will create good conversation and a sophisticated atmosphere

Have you ever wondered why the kitchen always becomes a hangout spot at a house party? It’s because it tends to allow a small group to form and hold an intimate conversation. Meanwhile you’re frustrated because you spent so much time decorating the living room expecting that to be the party room. You’ve got a carefully curated playlist blasting on an amazing sound system but everyone seems to be congregating everywhere else, including in one of the bedrooms that you tried to make off limits! 

When hosting a party in your home the main thing you need to be thinking about is breaking up the space into smaller areas. These cosy, intimate zones encourage small groups of people to gather so that natural conversation can take place. As the party goes on, people might be keen on having a dance but first they’re going to have to feel comfortable in their surroundings. 

When you’re trying to serve food at your party the last thing you want is the kitchen to be full of people. You’ve got to find a way to create those intimate spaces elsewhere in the house and a shisha set up is a great way to create that vibe. 

A hookah naturally creates a small group environment as people gather round to share the experience. If the music is at the right volume, conversation will flow, and with some interesting lighting, the wafting smoke and the sound of chatting and laughter will draw people towards the area. 

To create this space the first thing you are going to need is a hookah. This is a chance to show off something really special like one of our multi hose devices. A larger unit such as G41G-25 will also burn a larger amount of shisha tobacco and burn more evenly for longer meaning that you won’t have to be fiddling with lighting coals as often as you would if you used a smaller, more personal device. 

The corner of a room is a great place to set your shisha pipe up because you can arrange cushions against the walls around it and the two walls will help enclose the space. It will become a natural, cosy space for people to stop and sit down. It might be a mistake to set it up in the center of the living room because people will be moving through the area and this puts it at risk of being knocked over and will make the people sitting around it feel less relaxed. Ideally you should place the hookah on a low, large coffee table and have comfortable seating all around. 

A beautiful shisha pipe like the Pandora will look even more amazing with the right lighting. Lighting can also enhance the intimacy of the space you are trying to create so it's worth making a small investment. Some cheap, battery operated, colourful LED lights around the bottom of the Hookah Pipe will give a really great look. The seated area and the table itself should be dimly lit. If you’ve got a dimmer switch on your ceiling light then this part is really simple. Finally, a spot light shining down on the shisha pipe from above will illuminate the centrepiece without making the area brightly lit. 

You will definitely need to keep essential shisha supplies nearby. You will need some coals and a good ignition method. Don’t be tempted to use easy-lite coals as the chemicals ruin the taste of your shisha. 

Disposable hoses make it so much easier to clean up afterwards because you can just get rid of the used pipes. They are much cheaper than silicone or leather hoses so make sure you have plenty on hand to allow for multiple hose changes throughout the night.

For guest comfort and safety you should also provide a generous quantity of disposable mouthpieces. You should lay out enough that guests can switch to a fresh tip each time they are passed the hose. These parts are small and are lost or dropped easily so have so many that no one needs to stress about losing theirs. 

As a spectacular flourish use a cut fruit as the combustion bowl. Our Khalil Mamoon looks absolutely stunning with the head of a pineapple in place of the usual clay or stone bowl. The flavour the fruit will add to the smoke is an extra bonus. You will need to keep a few of these pineapple heads on hand to make it easy to replace a used bowl. 

Tea is a perfect complement to smoking a hookah so you should make sure that you have plenty of flavour choices for people to refresh themselves while enjoying the shisha smoke. Citrus flavours will go well with the pineapple head on your hookah especially if you are smoking popular fruity flavours of shisha tobacco.

You should also have some smart looking tools on the table for turning the ash and handling the tobacco. This delicate poker and pair of tongs will stop people using the first thing they can find. 

It might even be a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher on hand. It’s much better to be prepared than to take even a small risk when it comes to the safety of you and your guests. More so because you must remove the battery from your smoke alarm, but don’t forget to replace it again while you’re cleaning up!

These tips are just some ideas to help you use a Hookah to create an intimate conversation zone at your next party. The aroma of the shisha and the conversation and laughter coming from the dimly lit, smokey corner will create a place where everyone wants to be. 

The Premium Way is all about living with no compromise and enjoying the best experiences that life has to offer. Life’s ultimate reward is enjoying time with our family and friends. We hope that our shisha products are able to create and enhance the atmosphere of your party, which in turn, will lead to fun and memorable moments with those that you love.

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