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How To Make Your Hookah Taste Fresh

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How To Make Your Hookah Taste Fresh - The Premium Way

From rare to usual we catch talks at hookah zones and clubs that go like: ”Woah, this hookah is not good at all.” Those comments make us unhappy because the ideal hookah should taste refreshing and soothes your mind with each drag, not sting your throat and feels like you are smoking coals straight away. But relax, there’s no physics in making your hookah in the way that every hookah session is soothing as the way it should be – just get along with these easy tips to make your hookah feel fresh & fine. Check them now: 

Take use of ice and cold water

The basic thumb rule during hookah preparation is taking the help of cold water. It’s inevitable that the water gets warmer in the bottle while dragging, so never a sane person want to take warm water – it only gets even hotter.

To cause your hookah to feel fresh, add a few chunks of ice in your bottle, or fill it with finely crushed ice – the ice melts gradually and prevents the water temperature from getting warm.

Moist and fresh quality tobacco

Keep in the notice that the primary tip of a refreshing hookah is the tobacco – so, invariably go with the standard ones.

Also, if you are stuck with an old box of tobacco, try to make sure it was opened and first used between the period of 60 days. If that’s not the case, we recommend purchasing a new one and not try any self recommended experiments with the old one. You can buy shisha flavors and tobacco from our shop section.

Not sure what to do, try this quick fix – mix the aged tobacco with a new one to obtain new taste and experience.

Use a good bowl

The vortex bowl also emphasizes holes that are not in the base, as you might be practiced to, but inside the cone for the right same logic – to create your hookah the essence of every party.

You also might like to consider paying additional dollars to buy another bowl. Browse our bowl category.

Try ice hose tip or a freezable hose

The ice hose tip normally lingers cool for 60 min or even to and causes the smoke cooler. Normally, they are dynamic, too, so you can try them with any hookah imaginable.

There are lots of ice hose tips and freezable hoses or various other types of hose on our site– feel free to discover your ideal!

Quick Fixes And Hacks For Hookah Session

  • Try combining distinct flavors of shisha to get a different taste every time, a few great combinations are (berry & mixed fruit), (apple & mint), (peach & watermelon), (mint & coffee). You can use your creativity to make your own blends with any of the various shisha flavors we offer, and please tell us if you have discovered a good blend that you would like to share with the shisha community.
  • Keep your tobacco chilled to keep it fresh.
  • Try using ice cubes in the base to give you a refreshing cool taste every time you take a whiff.
  • Change the water in the hookah base after each use and add glycerin into it.
  • Rinse the shaft after two sessions of a hookah with the brush and other cleaning accessories available on our website to avoid clogging and harsh tasting smoke.
  • To make hookah session a little more fun add a little hint of rich red wine into the water, not only will this give it some zing but will also give you a gentle warm feeling every time you take a whiff. A great hack for winters and dates.
  • When preparing the bowl make sure to put the tobacco a light loose and leveled it out evenly, this prevents the bowl from jamming and makes it simpler for you to get a nice fresh hit.
  • Break the coal into four similar parts, lit all the pieces, and wait until they glow red hot then set them on the exterior edges of the bowl to create a square pattern. Take continuous small puffs till the tobacco starts lighting. Gradually shift the coals towards the center throughout your hookah session. This will ignite the tobacco steadily and will stop the smoke from going harsh.
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