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How To Load Al Fakher in a Hookah Funnel Bowl - The Premium Way

How To Load Al Fakher in a Hookah Funnel Bowl

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There is no one particular way of fixing up a hookah pipe that will ensure a thick smoke.  All aspects must be seen with regard to the injunction to guarantee that your hookah smokes as well as desirable.  With that being said, I observe that the most prevalent mistake that new smokers make is preparing a bowl inaccurately.  First, let's begin with the bowl.  A few exceptions apart, there are typically three sorts of hookah bowls - the Vortex Hookah Bowl, the Phunnel Hookah Bowl, and the common Egyptian Hookah Bowl.  Buy ALPACA BOWLS - USA HANDMADE HOOKAH BOWLS - APACHE, MAGMA SHISHA BOWL - LOTUS PINK, and JAPON HOOKAH SAMURAI BOWL GOLD WITH GOLD EXCLUSIVE BOX here for smoking in style.

How To Load Al Fakher in a Hookah - Crush Up Shisha

  • Crush Up Shisha On A Plate, Next, let's make certain the shisha tobacco is nicely chopped fairly enough to allow heat to pass through the cup. Take a small amount of shisha between your fingers and crush shisha finely over the plate, or spatter some of the shisha on to your plate and use a sharp knife to finely chop the tobacco. If you are not sure about the consistency, break into such fine pieces that there are no big chunks, more soft pieces, and if you see any long stems throw them away. The best flavor is PASHA - BELLY DANCE if you want something sweet. Once you have sufficient shisha crush up (normally between 10-20 grams based on the size of your bowl) you can start to fill the bowl. 
  •  The important things to consider about while priming your bowl of hookah tobacco are airflow and the degree of space among your hookah foil, metal bowl screen, or heat controlling device and the top of the shisha. Without precise airflow, the heat from your coals will not nicely blend with the shisha flavor and you will get thick, wispy smoke. 
  • The ultimate step to packing a Load Al Fakher in a Hookah Funnel Bowl is the Hookah Foil or bowl screen which will remain on cover of the bowl and hold the hookah coals. If you are using a bowl screen, directly place the screen covering the bowl, bend down the tabs to fix, and you are good to go. With hookah foil which is priority of every smoker, there are just a few more moves required but it is still very manageable and normally results in a better experience than practicing a metal screen. 
  • First, clutch a sheet of foil and put it over your full bowl of shisha tobacco. Make certain the foil is collected and nicely wrap the foil throughout the top of the bowl as if you are nicely covering a dish of leftovers with foil.  The code is to get sure that the foil is molded on top of the bowl which will guarantee that your coals settle hung above the shisha flavor.  If the foil is not on firm enough the burden of the coals will make the foil sag and your coals will essentially be lying right on top of your shisha which can burn your shisha leading to a bad hookah which nobody wants. Try to do it nicely so that no scope of sagging is possible. 
  • After the foil is secure on top of the hookah bowl you will require to poke lots of little holes in the foil in series to allow for adequate transfer of heat from the hookah coals to the shisha flavor. If the holes are huge, ash from the coals will combine with the shisha, which is not a delightful experience.  If there are not sufficient holes, your bowl will not smoke adequately. Now you must be getting how important is to have the right preparation of hookah bowl for a perfect session of hookah. Using a sewing needle, paper clip, or Hookah Foil Poker to make the holes is a good alternative to prick holes. 
  • That's it! You have favorably loaded a Load Al Fakher in a Hookah Funnel Bowl. Keep the bowl on top of your bowl stem, use some Hookah Coals that are burning red hot on top of the foil, and get ready for a nice hookah session with friends and get all your hookah accessories at on very affordable prices.

 Happy Smoking!

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