SHAMAN | Charcoal | 22mm


Shaman Shisha / Hookah Charcoal -  22mm

The hottest Charcoal to hit the Australian market. 

Introducing Shaman Charcoals. 

The right choice for lovers of solo sessions, where warming up in the first minutes is more important than the duration of burning. Great for the designer and small bowls, as well as fruit bowls and foil-based bowls.

Small cubes and a large number of pieces (96 pcs / kg) in the package make it easy to learn how to control the heat and develop your own personal packing style. Comfortable when working with light flavour as a result of the charcoals thermally heated halo.

This format of coconut charcoal appeared first on the market for professional masters as a healthy and safe alternative to quick-light charcoal.

Due to its form and ecologically friendly production, coconut shell coal does not change the taste properties, keeping the heat high for a long period of time, and opening up a possibility.


Produced in Indonesia. 

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