Sahara Smoke Infinity Base


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Sahara Smoke is one of the leading manufactures when it comes to making products which include their shisha bases. One of the highest selling bases in USA and across the world. Each base is made with a beautiful design, which makes your shisha stand out.

NOTE: These bases are handmade and therefore may be subject to small aesthetic flaws and slight variations from the base pictured. Such flaws may include air bubbles in the glass, irregular brush strokes, slight size variations, or other small imperfections that will in no way affect the overall sturdiness and quality of the base.

This base is best used for smaller downstems like Russian shishas, regals ect. NOT suitable for KMs, B2s, Zahra, SAOCCA. 
  • Infinity Dimensions:
    Height: 11"
    Bottom Diameter: 4"
    Opening Diameter: 1.6"

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