COCOURTH | Charcoal | Hexagon


Cocourth Hexagon Organic Coconut Hookah / Shisha Charcoal

CocoUrth quickly became a front runner in the charcoal market with their long-lasting, even burning charcoal and wide variety of charcoal styles. Their "hexagon" coals are a unique, "fingerstyle" coal in a hexagon shape.
Each coal is approximately 2" long and 1" wide and is designed to burn slower than other existing natural coals on the market. That means each of your sessions will last longer with these unique charcoals!
CocoUrth coals are completely organic, so they are made without any extra chemicals, which means that every piece of charcoal will help provide a clean, long-lasting session.


 Cocourths are typically used in Premium Lounges. 

• Made from some of the purest coconut trees on the planet. 

• No taste, no smell & spark free. 

• 60 piece 'Green Box' hexagon coconut charcoal 

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