COCOURTH | Charcoal | Quarter Circle


Cocourth Shisha / Hookah Charcoal - Quarter Circle


If you use a heat management device like the Kaloud lotus you'll love these new Cocourth hookah charcoal. Using their original organic formula they've produced a 4 pc set of quarter circle charcoal that will fit snug inside your favourite heat managers. This 96 count box contains individually packaged rolls of charcoal to maintain optimal freshness.


  • Size: 25x25

  • Weight: 1KG

  • Pieces: 96


  • These are typically used in Premium Hookah Lounges. 

  • Made from some of the purest coconut trees on the planet. 

  • With absolutely no additives or chemicals that could be harmful to the smoker. 

  • No taste, no smell. 

  • Smoke happy! 

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