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Tabaku Shisha Tobacco was an idea conceived by a Sydney-based business called Izama and set out to create shisha tobacco for the Australian market that is superior in quality and 100% legally imported. The quality of Tabaku was an area that Izama was not prepared to compromise on. Some of the finest tobacco leaves in the world is grown in the country on the opposite side of the world to Australia: Germany. Tabaku only contains German flue-cured Virginia leaf tobacco processed under the strictest quality control measures, so you won't find any stems/stalks mixed in. Virginia leaf tobacco also has a high absorption of molasses, making it a perfect tobacco leaf for shisha.

These are pre-mixed tobacco and they are ready to smoke. 

Flavour Profiles:

Flavour Profile
African Queen Taste explosion of 16 different flavors ( Secret blend )
Blue Haze Grape, Blackberry Mint. 
Blueberry Mint The sweet, yet tart, flavour of natural blueberries and a subtle, cooling mint
Candyman (Red Mint) Peppermint & Lolly
Cola Just Cola!
Creamy Apple The overload and rich apple and smooth creamy Shisha to bring it back down to earth.
Double Apple Expect a delicious blend of apple and anise flavors
Exotic Like a delicious cocktail next to the pool, this shisha flavour delivers the refreshing, summer vibes.
Ice Bon Bon Banana & Menthol
Ice Cherry Chery & Menthol
Ice Grape Grape & Menthol
Ice Green Apple Apple & Menthol
Ice Lemon Lemon & Menthol
Ice Peach Peach & Menthol
Lady Killer Melon, Mango, Berries and Mint
Lime Grapefruit The juicy sweetness, undercut with just a touch of that classic sour citrus lime makes this one to remember.
Love66 Some sites claim that it is watermelon and passion fruit, but TABAKU use more the aroma of passionfruit ,watermelon with flowers and menthol.
Mango Mint Mango & Mint
Mint perfectly balanced medium-strong MINT 
Pinkman Mixed fruit
Purple Haze Blackberry, Raspberry, Menthol. 
Santorini Lime, Grapefruit, Vanilla, Coconut
Watermelon Mint The Watermelon with Mint TABAKU Shisha is a deliciously fruity, light minty, hookah flavour

PLEASE NOTE: These flavours will be pre-mixed and ready to use and by purchasing this product, you authorise us to add your 90 grams of flavour to your 10 grams Tabaku Leaf prior to delivery.

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Another premium brand of tobacco on our shores!!!
Tabaku is a game changer and a total banger product for any session.

Cant beat that pricing at all 😃

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