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Cocourth Shisha / Hookah Charcoal - Cubes


Do you prefer cube shape hookah charcoal? A lot of enthusiasts in the Australian market prefer them over flats or logs for most of their shisha sessions because of their size, and overall heat output. The use of cubes allows you to have longer hookah session from a single round of coals, and as they ash the shape becomes similar to flat-shaped charcoal. We generally look for two main strengths from our cubes, ash content and durability throughout the session. 

Lighting a cube shape piece of charcoal with a single flame lighter will take up the majority of your day, instead, they should be placed on a charcoal burner.


  • Size: 25x25x25mm

  • Weight: 1KG

  • Pieces: 72


  • Cocourth Cubes are shaped to fit traditional smokers and last longer than the flats. 

  • These are typically used in Premium Hookah Lounges. 

  • Made from some of the purest coconut trees on the planet. 

  • With absolutely no additives or chemicals that could be harmful to the smoker. 

  • No taste, no smell. 

  • Smoke happy! 

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