Perfectly combines watermelon and passion fruit


Mix includes ripe peach, juicy, sweet watermelon and on exhalation - fresh coolness of menthol

Lady Killer

Cocktail of rich melon, the freshness of mint, the sourness of forest berries and tropical mango.

Blue Horse | Mi Amore

Banana, Menthol, Pineapple.

Blue Horse | North Lights

The original mix combines sourness and characteristic bitter notes of grapefruit, orange notes and guava astringency
A refreshing taste of the fruit of pitaya, acai berries and mint freshness.
Grape The grape aroma for lovers of the classic.
It perfectly combines notes of passionfruit, watermelon and peppermint coolness. 
Cola Surprising taste of cola
Moscow evenings  Combines sweet watermelon and exotic passion fruit.
Mint  The perfect taste of mint and its freshness in each breath 
Double Melon Melon with Watermelon
Baku Nights Delightful mix of many fruits and a sweetish peppermint
Sheikh Money Rich and interesting multifruit flavor with prevailing notes of pineapple.
Joker 777 Interesting and unique taste of acai
Melon A fruity and refreshing Melon
Iced Tangerine The taste will meet you with a powerful burst of icy citrus
Marina (?) Still unknown 



Flavour Profile
Banana and Mint infusion
Blue Lion
Blueberry, Mango, Melon and a cooling Ice infused to create Blue Lion
Cali Twist
Refreshing infusion of Cherry, Orange and Pineapple
Green Apple
A sweet and refreshing Green Apple Flavour
I Love 69
Watermelon, passionfruit and guava infusion
Kiwi Breeze
Kiwi, Lychee and Mango Infusion
Libella Swing
Sweet flavour of orange, the lightly floral flavour of guava
Rio Acai 
A sweet and refreshing Acai Berry blend!
Swiss Bon Bon
Gum and Minty Ice infusion
Extra strong mint flavour
Big boy  Sweet watermelon and mint infusion 
Ice maracuja  The exotic flavour of passionfruit with mint infusion
Ice Mango tango  Refreshing and Icey Mango Infusion
Auckland nights 
A legendary secret blend from Al Waha which you won’t be able to get enough of!





Magic Love
Passionfruit, Melon, spices, little mint notes with a cooling after taste 
Lucid Dream
Blueberry, Lemon and Icy Mint Infusion
Black Widow / Wanasa
Refreshing Melon, Mango and Berries infused with a creamy note
Mixed Melon, Peach with Mixed Mint notes 
White Flash
Lemon, Orange, Pineapple and Mint Infusion
Super Lemon Mint
Sweet and powerful lemon base with refreshing mint
Iced Lemon Mint
Citrusy lemon combined with mint notes for long-lasting freshness
Mint Perfectly balanced medium-strong mint
Gum Mint A mix that provides the traditional icy, cool flavor of spearmint leaves
Blueberry Mint Signature taste of blueberry blended with the freshness of mint
Double Apple The crispness of red apple complemented by the sourness of green to create this signature flavor.




Love & love 
The love of passion fruit and watermelon
Ice Melon tangarine 
Honey melon and slightly sour mandarin with some freshness of mint
Resembles the taste of a ripe and juicy pineapple
Ice bodrum tangerine 

A new, very interesting taste of mandarin, natural delicious and juicy
Ice strawberry Melon 

The taste of ripe strawberries is complemented by juicy honey melon
Ice green apple 

Ice Green Apple is a classic of the genre in the world of hookah
Ice Berry 
A new taste of raspberries and berries, with mint
Orange mango 
An interesting mix, quite sweet due to mango and a little sweet orange, and a little sour.
Raspberry pistachio ice cream Wonderful combination of juicy ripe berries with a vanilla-creamy shade and soft nutty notes 
Ice Citrus Mango Ice Citrus Mango has an exotic, full-bodied mango flavor combined with the sweetness of an orange, the sourness of a lemon, the bitterness of grapefruit zest
Ice Banana Strawberry Serbetli Ice Banana Strawberry hookah tobacco will surprise you with the unique mix of tropical banana, sweet strawberry, and icy menthol flavors
Berry Mix A new taste of raspberries and berries
Iced Watermelon Fresh mix of mouthwatering sweet watermelon and cooling menthol
Lemon Cake The pleasant sweetness of baking is perfectly combined with the freshness of citrus and a small kitten a link of lemon
Strawberry Milkshake Milk tenderness with a bright taste and aroma of ripe strawberries. A very summer, sweet, melting combination.
Lime Spiced Peach  Magical grilled peach. Mild and super sweet, it is flavored with lime juice and a pinch of spices





Cinnamon Latte
Cinnamon Latte provides an intense aroma of cinnamon with the creaminess of coffee on your taste buds
Sour Cherry
Plump, tart cherries jam-packed with sweet, tantalizing flavour. The taste of Fumari's Sour Cherry will leave you tongue-tied.
Take a break with the full-bodied aroma of Fumari’s Mochaccino flavour. A bold, roasted coffee flavour with notes of rich, creamy cocoa on the exhale. The café is just a hookah bowl away.

Spiced Chai

Spiced Chai is an excellent flavour from Fumari; well balanced with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and a mildly spiced creamy flavour profile.
A  staple flavour for the hookah enthusiast, Fumari's Mint has the pure classic mint taste with an extra cool sensation. It's icy, rich with smoke, and a must-have for creating your own mixes. It's also perfectly enjoyed as-is by mint fans

Limoncello, the famous Italian liqueur, has been recreated as delicious shisha tobacco. The flavour of a real Limoncello is a sweet lemon flavour, devoid of any bitter elements that are often present in a true lemon flavour. The best way to describe this flavour is as a Lemon drop or sweet lemonade. Definitely a must-try shisha flavour for Fumari fans!
Dark Spiced Chai Dark

Our world's most popular flavor was of course at the top of the list of dark blend varieties. The absolute Fumari classic. The world-famous taste of this flavor has surprised many people. It's a delicious, creamy blend of sweet, smooth vanilla with complex flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.

Dark Earl Grey

It's tea time baby! And it's DARK! Put your feet up and enjoy the taste of soaked black tea with the citrus, floral notes of bergamot.

Dark Blueberry Muffin

Oh yes baby Blueberry Muffin finally also in strong. If you don't immediately think of Fumari when you hear the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins, you have no idea about shisha.

Dark Orange Cream

Sweet and Strong! Orange cream popsicle melts in your phunnel

Dark White Peach

One of our most popular flavors cannot be missing on the dark side. The elegant taste of white peach is like a party in your mouth and everyone is invited.


Pronounced aroma of sweet melon, accentuated by floral tones.
Sweet and sour berry aroma with light bitterness and floral tones.
Pronounced sweet and sour aroma of grapes with refreshing mint.
Sweet aroma of tropical fruit pulp with a slight acidity.
a sweet and sour citrus aroma that unfolds with a slight bitterness.
Delicate cupcake soaked in rum syrup.
The famous cocktail aroma based on fresh strawberries with lime and mint.






Peach and melon blend

Blues Strawberry


Candy like mix of blueberry and strawberry

Cucumber Mojito


Two refreshing flavors packed into a smooth blend


Ice Orange Mint


Zesty orange with a cold mint finish


Mango Smoothie


Sweet tropical mango blended with creamy vanilla
Melon Melange
Blended sweet melon with watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew
Mountain Fog
Lemon-lime blend with a sweet twist
Candied blend of fruit flavours with just the right touch of sour
Mouth watering melon blend with a cooling mint finish
Concord Grape  Dark Robust purple concord grape 
Grape Fruit
Tangy, citrus grapefruit
Cherry Plum
Tart cherry blended with sweet plum
Ventura Peach
White Peach/Sweet Peach
Early Grey
Rich Black Tea/Lemon/Bergamot


Flavour Profile
Cold Blueberry
White Pear


Sweet Orange