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Tom Coco Natural Hookah Charcoal - The Premium Way

Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal: The Natural and Long-Lasting Choice

Are you a hookah enthusiast looking for a premium smoking experience? Look no further than The Premium Way, Melbourne's top destination for high-quality Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal and why it's the perfect choice for hookah lovers.


Hookah, or shisha, is a popular smoking device enjoyed for centuries. However, to enjoy a good smoking experience, choosing the right charcoal is crucial. Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal, available at The Premium Way, is a natural, long-lasting option that ensures a clean and pure taste.

What is Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal?

Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is a premium-quality hookah charcoal made from natural coconut shells. Sourced from the best quality shells in Indonesia, this natural charcoal is chemical-free, ensuring a pure taste and safe smoking experience.

Why Use Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal?

Choosing natural Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal provides several benefits, including:

  • Pure and clean taste
  • Long-lasting burn time (up to two hours)
  • Minimal ash content
  • Easy to light

At The Premium Way, natural charcoal ensures the best smoking experience, free from harmful chemicals and additives.

Benefits of Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal


Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is made from natural coconut shells, ensuring a safe and healthy smoking experience. Without any chemicals or additives, it guarantees a clean and pure taste.


Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal has a longer burn time than other brands, up to two hours. This feature saves you time and money by reducing the need to change the charcoal frequently.

Low Ash Content

This natural charcoal has minimal ash content, making it easy to clean and hassle-free for hookah enthusiasts.

Easy to Light

Thanks to its unique cube shape, Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is easy to light using a matchstick or lighter.

How to Use Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal

At The Premium Way, we want to ensure our customers get the best smoking experience possible. Here's a simple guide to using Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal:

  1. Remove the required number of charcoal cubes from the pack. The amount you need will depend on the size of the bowl.
  2. Place the charcoal cubes in the bowl, ensuring they are evenly spaced.
  3. Use a matchstick or lighter to light the cubes. Hold the flame against the charcoal for a few seconds until it starts to glow.
  4. Please wait until the cubes turn white, indicating they are ready to use. It should take approximately 5-10 minutes.
  5. Place the bowl on top of the stem and attach the hose. Inhale from the hose to start smoking.

Tips for Using Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal

To get the best smoking experience, follow these tips:

Preparing the Hookah/Shisha

Before using the hookah, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned using warm water and a brush. It will remove residue from previous smoking sessions and provide a clean and pure taste.

Lighting the Charcoal

Space the cubes in the bowl to ensure that the charcoal burns evenly. Please wait until the charcoal turns white to ensure it is fully lit.

Heat Management

Proper heat management is crucial to getting the best smoking experience. Use a heat management device like a wind cover or a chimney to regulate the heat and ensure the tobacco is heated evenly.

Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal Varieties

Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is available in different varieties, including natural and quick-light. At The Premium Way, we recommend the natural combination for a clean and pure smoking experience. The quick-light variety is infused with chemicals that make it easier to light, but it does not provide the same level of purity as the natural variety.

Where to Buy Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal

Are you looking for the best Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal in Melbourne? Look no further than The Premium Way! Our store offers premium quality natural hookah charcoal made from coconut shells, ensuring a safe and healthy smoking experience. Our products are available in different quantities, depending on your needs. You can buy Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal online or visit our store located in Melbourne to purchase.


Question Answer
Is Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal safe to use? Yes, Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is a natural product with no harmful chemicals or additives.
How long does Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal last? Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal can last up to two hours, depending on the size of the cubes and how they are used.
Does Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal produce a lot of ash? No, Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal produces minimal ash, which makes it easy to clean.
Can I use Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal with any hookah? Yes, Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal can be used with any hookah.
Where is Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal manufactured? Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is manufactured in Indonesia.


Tom Coco Hookah/Shisha Charcoal is the perfect choice for hookah enthusiasts who want a natural and long-lasting smoking experience. At The Premium Way, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products. Our natural hookah charcoal from coconut shells ensures a safe and healthy smoking experience. So, visit our store in Melbourne or buy online to enjoy the best hookah smoking experience!


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